Richard J Haas photo

President’s Message

August 2017


Well if you missed the recent Abstract Show or the Landscape Show at the Burlington County Library, here is an update. We displayed over 60 paintings and we sold two paintings.  Prize money awarded for the two shows is close to $500.  


If you have missed the Wednesday workshop, David Aguilar did an amazing presentation on the human torso represented as a Bean.  

A very unique approach to remembering some basic instructions to represent the human body.  Photos can be viewed on our Facebook site (courtesy of Carolyn Burke) as well as this newsletter.


If you missed the presentations at Holiday Village, some of our members have received substantial payment for their efforts.  If you might be interested in doing some workshops and getting paid, contact Ann Becker.  She will be setting up her 2018 schedule in a few months. Our Show chairperson, Joy Hoffman, is busy with the Annual Show which is coming in October.  It looks promising for substantial prizes.  You can find the prospectus on our website.


Thank you for being involved

Best Wishes and keep cool,



RJ Hass
WAA President