Richard J Haas photo

President’s Message

June 2017


Many of our members participated in the sidewalk show “Arts In the Village” on May 13 in Vincentown.


And though it was raining we had ample room in the Vincentown Firehall to hold the event.  All had an interesting time and the superb music added to the festive feel of the arts.


Interesting: When what you might think as being a lousy day turned out to be a fantastic time to network. I am reminded of Joseph Campbell, author of the “The Power of Myth” and what he said about doors, that; “doors will open when there were no doors”. We met some interesting artisans and we were able to get the word out about WAA. Donna and I were also able to brainstorm about future events that we are interested in doing.


Our Members are also expanding the reach of the WAA’s influence by teaching art outside in the Kennedy community. These members like Dave Watson, Grace Cooper and Nancy Gower are an inspiration to me and what it means to participate in the human community. I am also amazed how a simple talk with Ann Becker about outreach has turned into a wider and more expansive idea about marketing the WAA and our benefits to the art world in which we live. It also helps when you make some money doing what you love. 


I also want to mention “Hats Off” to Dave Aguilar and Michael Leatham for their efforts in keeping the Thursday night session going. Michael has struggled lately with attendance and somehow manages to power through road blocks.


I have included in this newsletter photos of the Arts in the Village event held in Vincentown.


Best Wishes
RJ Hass
WAA President