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June 2019

We begin our discussion of Juried and Judged shows by considering the prospectus. The prospectus of any show is the agreement between the principals of the show, and the artist. This is a contract, a legal binding document that displays the show perimeters and the acceptance by the artist. This document should contain several conditions;

• Juried or Judged or both

• Dates of the show; Drop off, pick up, reception and times of these events

• Indemnity clause; hold armless and acceptance by the artist

• Size requirements of the work

• Artist eligibility, age etc.

• Labels and receipt of the work

If the show is a juried show then the name of the judge, or judges should be announced, but the announcement of the amount of prize monies, is not a requirement.

All too often the principals of a show, view the prospectus has a one-way document that only the artist must accept. It should be understood then any change or adjustment of the conditions set forth in the prospectus during intake or acceptance of the work, by the Principals of the show, is a violation of the prospectus and stated contract.

One of the most grievous violation by the principals is size requirements. Far too often shows will have no size requirements, only to find during intake, that there are too many pieces to hang. The larger pieces are then singled out and some are rejected to make room.

All artwork should be judged on quality and merit and not for size alone. It should be noted that in this situation the judge not the principals must review the works presented and reject the lesser quality of the works to bring the number of entrees down to the point where the remaining works can be displayed.

RJ Haas

WAA President