Ed Ward

Instructor Ed Ward

I am a printmaker and photographer. I have enjoyed photography my whole life. As a young artist, I was not the best at portraits. A camera was better suited for me. I started with a dual lens Kodak box camera in Junior High. I was that annoying person in my family always taking the pictures. I bought my first camera: a used SLR camera body in college, and went on from there. I worked for Eastman Kodak for 30 years and was part of the transition from traditional photography to digital technology.

About the Camera Club

The camera club was formed to promote photography as a creative process. With today’s technology everyone has the ability of artistic expression in capturing images. Members use all manner of devices from smart phones, point and shoot cameras, or high-end digital cameras. The same fundamentals of good technique can be applied to all these devices. We review the basic principles of composition, proper exposure, and device functions for members who are new to their devices. We do not want anyone to be disappointed in their results because they are not familiar with the options and controls. We help members become more comfortable with their cameras. Some camera club members are artists who use photography in conjunction with other media. Other members are primarily photographers with their own specialties and subject interests. Membership in the Willingboro Art Alliance gives you access to all member shows. The camera club has an annual juried show dedicated to photography.

Featured Member Photos

Tom Gilman
Tom Gilman
Tom Gilman

Meeting Schedule

Formal meeting dates are the last Saturday of each month from 9:30 AM to 11:30 at the JFK Center. Meetings are a collaboration of common interests, technique, and technology. We meet outdoors in good weather for group photo sessions. In the off-season we have indoor meetings. Our indoor meetings can be lab sessions on specific requested subjects, guest speakers, instructional sessions, or photo studios. Members choose from a list of topics for each upcoming meeting. Since the virus restrictions, we have moved our indoor meetings to zoom format. Zoom allows more flexible scheduling around events and holidays. We use email to confirm meeting schedule

email ward35@comcast.net

Tom Gilman
Holiday Celebration2020

We’re spreading some Christmas  cheer across our entire range. Come celebrate with us on Saturday, December 12, at 10AM On Zoom.

Holiday Celebration Dress UP or Wear Your Ugly Sweater. Prepare Yourself a Little Drink and Snack. Decorate Your Zoom Space!

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