During the Pandemic, many of the former Thursday Artists have been enjoying their Zoom Painting Classes. We are now planning on adding to that experience by reopening our In-class Open Studio at the JFK Center, in Willingboro. Starting OCTOBER 7th… Read more about this in the October newsletter on page 6, located under “Calling All WAA Artists“.

Workshops, Classes and Presentations

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WAA Monday Life Open Studio


Monday | Life Open Studio

Marcia Steinbock

Monitored open studio sessions are offered on an on-going basis Mondays 10 to 1. Students work in their choice of medium on extended poses.  Easels and tables are available. The class sessions are held in 8-week segments.


Tuesday | Open Studio

Instructor Arleen Potter

The art room is available from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, but since these are not normal times, we are zooming from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm during the pandemic just to touch base to critique and see what we are creating!


Wednesday Workshop

Instructor Maria Morales, David Aguilar, David Watson

Hands-on Instruction: using a variety of materials, mediums, and tools. Critiques: show your artwork and participate in a constructive critique on the last Wednesday of the month.


Thursday | Open Studio

Instructor Indira Mehta

Thursday Morning Workshop. Zoom along with us as we work together from a variety of images including Still Life, Landscape, City Scape and Portraiture. Artists provide their own supplies. All mediums are welcome.


Thursday | Figure Drawing

Instructor David Aguilar

From 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm, we have reference photos of figures in action and repose to draw or paint. The first thirty minutes we do a series of croquis, or short gesture poses to warm up and get those creative juices flowing. 


Saturday Photography Club​

Instructor Ed Ward

The camera club was formed to promote photography as a creative process. Members use all manner of devices from smart phones, point and shoot cameras, or high-end digital cameras.

Holiday Celebration2020

We’re spreading some Christmas  cheer across our entire range. Come celebrate with us on Saturday, December 12, at 10AM On Zoom.

Holiday Celebration Dress UP or Wear Your Ugly Sweater. Prepare Yourself a Little Drink and Snack. Decorate Your Zoom Space!

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