Join Us on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13th at 10:30 a.m.

WAA in conjunction with BCAG presents

Artist: Maureen Peters

“Jump Start Your Creativity”

Passcode: WAA1964

“We all have lots of art supplies, but with Covid, we are sometimes slow to get our creativity on. It’s about permission to play and create without expectations and judgement. Pull out your supplies and let’s explore some art supplies and create together”


Materials: what you have on hand:


Permanent markers,

Sharpie xtra fine,

Sakura Pigma Microns 005, 01, 03, 05, any you have.<

#2 Pencil

Colored Pencils

Chalk Pastel Sticks

Pointed Dip Pen and Ink

Sketch paper to work on techniques,

fun papers that you have on hand


Maureen is a graphic artist, for the last 40 years specializing in calligraphy and pen and ink renderings.  At the school of Sacred Arts, NYC among others, she learned the process of the medieval illuminators palette, color derived from animal, vegetables and minerals using medieval techniques along with the structure of the letter and Manuscript restoration. Pen and ink is Maureen’s passion.

Holiday Celebration2020

We’re spreading some Christmas  cheer across our entire range. Come celebrate with us on Saturday, December 12, at 10AM On Zoom.

Holiday Celebration Dress UP or Wear Your Ugly Sweater. Prepare Yourself a Little Drink and Snack. Decorate Your Zoom Space!