February 2021

Are you having the winter doldrums?  Are you feeling the walls close in?  

You are not alone.  More than ever now is the time to get those brushes wet and pencils sharpened.  Challenge yourself.  Go for that cold walk. Find something outside, or inside your home, that will give you a little spark of creativity.  Allow yourself to find that joy.  Experiment with your medium.

The last Wednesday of every month you have an opportunity to show your work.  Let’s see those experiments.  When you’re inspired, that inspires others.

Ellen Miller
President, Willingboro Art Alliance

Holiday Celebration2020

We’re spreading some Christmas  cheer across our entire range. Come celebrate with us on Saturday, December 12, at 10AM On Zoom.

Holiday Celebration Dress UP or Wear Your Ugly Sweater. Prepare Yourself a Little Drink and Snack. Decorate Your Zoom Space!