April 2021

It’s time to start painting En Plein Air.  We are getting some warm days with Spring abounding and colors coming out of hiding, how can we resist?  

Our first plein air competition is right around the corner taking place the first weekend in May. The competition part is a small fraction of the total experience. What really matters is the excitement of being outdoors and sharing the environment with fellow artists. We keep hearing it’s the journey that counts. Truly this is the case for us working toward our common goal of painting. 

When one says a competition right away there’s a pinch of tightness, but this should not be the case.  There is freedom in being outdoors and soaking in our surroundings.  If we let it, the creative juices will flow. Enjoy yourselves and you’ll be surprised how that shows in your work. 

Ellen Miller
President, Willingboro Art Alliance

“There is no must in art because art is free” 
     – Wassily Kandinsky 

Holiday Celebration2020

We’re spreading some Christmas  cheer across our entire range. Come celebrate with us on Saturday, December 12, at 10AM On Zoom.

Holiday Celebration Dress UP or Wear Your Ugly Sweater. Prepare Yourself a Little Drink and Snack. Decorate Your Zoom Space!