May 2022

Welcome Back Wednesday. It’s been over two years since we have officially been back to the JFK Center. May 11 is the day we will hold our first in person Wednesday class. We will not be Zooming that day. We have a large number of members that are very happy staying home working on Zoom and others that really miss the in person atmosphere, so I thought we should try at least one Wednesday per month back in the classroom. We ask everyone be fully vaccinated and masks will be optional.

In addition, we have two exciting events coming up. One is May 14 with our Plein Air Competition at Strawbridge Lake Park on May 14 and the second is our Summer Open Show at the Smithville Annex starting July 28. 

Meanwhile, please note that anyone wishing to use our two rooms at the JFK Center are able to do so. Hope to see you May 11 at 9:45 am at the JFK Center.


Ellen Miller
President, Willingboro Art Alliance


They always say
time changes things,
but you actually have
to change them yourself

– Andy Warhol