John Constable

June 2022

July and August is time to take a hiatus from the Sketchbook and some of our classes and workshops.  Please see page 2 of the Sketchbook for information on which classes will be taking their summer break. This does not mean the WAA won’t be busy at work. On the contrary, the WAA is sponsoring a Plein Air Competition at the Burlington County Farm Fair in July from the 19th thru the 23rd and the annual Summer Open Show at Smithville with intake on July 23 & 24. See Links to the prospectuses are on the front page of the website and in the June Sketchbook. We will also send out reminders regarding the classes that want to stay open.

A big Thank You to our leaders, presenters, and officers for their hard work caring for the WAA. You have given up valuable hours to keep the WAA alive and running and now it’s your turn to enjoy time off.  Summer is a time to relax, get renewed and hopefully do a little painting.

Everyone, have a safe and glorious summer!!

Ellen Miller

Willingboro Art Alliance President

The position of the artist is humble. 
He is essentially a channel.

 – Piet Mondrian